Friday, 1 July 2016

Bitron: Price vs Quality ! Which

July 1st, 2016

I recently had a request for the Bitron Tire Safety Solution [TSS]

" "  Alex
I think I will pass on the idea.
Sorry to say that I think the price is somewhat high.
And with shipping the price makes no sense.
I thought the price was about $33  and close enough to pick up, so I will explore other avenues.
Sorry to trouble you.  S T  ""

My reply was as follows;

Yes, you are probably right, the price is somewhat high.  Even if I lower the price some or included shipping you would still think the price high.

Consider this, I used the TSS in the tires of my previous truck for at least 10 years and  NEVER had a flat on the road or off.  Thus the cost was $5 to 6  a year

This is preventative medicine for your vehicle, as are the rest of the Bitron products.  In my case they have continually paid for themselves over and over again since I started using them in November 1998. No Flat tires, gas mileage increase from 17 mph to 22 to 24 mph over a 12 year period, [ consider the reduced costs just on this mileage alone ] less wear and tear, doing more with  less energy.  Easier starting in any kind of weather. All the good things you want in an efficient vehicle. Cutting down harmful emission by up to 75 % or more [ consider the environmental benefit here ] for 14 years.   I put on more than 110,000 miles using bitron with this 1997 1/2 ton V6 GMC truck

Another thing I should mention here in regards to using the TSS, is that by using this TSS product  in my tires I seldom had to add air to my tires over a period of years. The TSS helped very much to keep my air pressure very constant in my tires. Thus a more even wear of my truck tires resulted,  as well, they were lasting longer without having to be replaced.

If you have a couple of flats on the road what will be the cost of a tow over a period of those  years.

It all depends on the type of tire being used and where and how.

Good luck on finding a good alternative to the Bitron TSS

Initially the view that bitron products are pricey has in fact little validity.  In the long term they are the cheapest beneficial product in preserving  the efficiency of your vehicle you can find.

I have been using these  excellent bitron product since November 1998. So why would I be using them if they didn’t work and pay for themselves.

The bitron products know what to do when being used properly in your vehicle. The results, thus require a shifting off a users mindset to realize the benefits being gained no matter how subtle those results  seem. The products work extremely well. The users understanding, comprehension  of those results are a totally different matter.

We all have a tendency to choose Price over Quality.  Nevertheless that does not always serve us for the better. Which do you do ?

My price for a 20 oz bottle of TSS was $55.00 + shipping.

More info on the Bitron products go to

I will be using these excellent bitron product as long they are available. I will not leave home without them.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
here are some my gas results over a period of 9 years