Monday, 18 April 2016

Some Bitron sales stats


I have been reviewing the bitron sales on my web site for the past year or so.

Between January 1 & December 31 2015 the online sales amounted to $11,566.00 or a monthly average of $963.83

So far in 2016 the total online sales from January 1 to April 18 2016 have been $2,986.99 or a monthly average of $853.43

On the whole the average monthly sales have been $938.90
Over the 15.5 month period with a total sales of   $14,552.99

To those who placed these bitron orders, engine treatment, gas conditioner, powertrain, etc a sincere thank you for your continued use and belief in these excellent products

The products are being delivered to customers in a reasonable time, with some occasional glitches in shipping in this period.

Keep up the Good Work

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser 1 866 517 2113
Courtenay, BC