Friday, 27 November 2015

Bitron? What is it!

Bitron is a metal treatment.

this outline is from personal experience in using the excellent bitron  products for over 15 years

Bitron is a straight oil that has been enhanced, formulated to stick to  metal surfaces.

Bitron can not harm an engine or the equipment where it is used. Wear and tear does that.

Bitron reduces wear & tear but does not eliminate it

Bitron does what it is suppose to do, regardless as to whether the user believes, comprehends or experiences that result.

Bitron is an educator for the user.

Bitron allows easier starting in cold weather

Bitron is like a magnet that seeks out the metal surface when it is  poured into any oil, be it in a crank case, transmission or any other container which contains oil.

The aim of bitron in getting to the metal surface is a process of making sure that any crap build up gets cleaned of  the metal surface so it can stick to the metal surface. In that aspect Bitron cleans and polishes the metal surface as good if not better than when the vehicle or the equipment comes off the assembly line. Thus, it's next to impossible for any additional crap to get attached to the metal surface to create a problem. 

Bitron is protection for your engine, fuel system, etc. It is preventative  medicine for the more efficient running of your equipment. Few of us really understand or comprehend what exactly preventative medicine is really all about.

With the regular long term and consistent use of the bitron products in whatever aspect it is used, it becomes, provides, sooner or later a noticeable improvement in the running of the  vehicle or other equipment being used for what ever the operation being planned by the user.

Bitron allows your vehicle, your equipment to do more with less. Thus extending your gas mileage reducing the cost of fuel.

Likewise with the bitron engine treatment providing maximum protection in the crankcase extending the time between oil changes and reducing your automobile costs as well. Also assists in reducing wear and tear of potential problems.

Bitron when used in its recommended manner reduces friction, temperature, burns fuel more efficiently, reduces harmful carbon emissions.  Granted these reductions are done in the background, not really noticed by the user, unless attention is given to it by the user. They are usually subtle, nevertheless they get accomplished. The only more noticeable results is the increase in getting more mileage you get on your tank of fuel or the increased in hours of use. This increase in usage, mileage will vary, over time this will average out and you vehicle, equipment will provide you with happy results.

The key is paying attention,  with out having unreasonable expectations on what the results should be. Pre judgement of what the Bitron products can do in an individuals use is only detrimental to the user

Bitron when  used as recommended does what it is made to do, regardless of the users belief. Thus the process becomes an education, as well as a better understanding for the user of what Bitron is actually doing in this regard.

Every use of bitron will get different, but similar results.  The results come from the manner in how the user, uses the product and the vehicle or equipment being used.

I have been a user of these excellent bitron products since November 1998; I never had any problems with the bitron products. This does not mean I didn't have car problems, but they were reduced significantly over the years. Here are some of my personal fuel results --

As long as Bitron is available I will be a user, if for no other reason than for the protection, the preventative medicine  that its continued use provides.  Will you do likewise for your vehicle and equipment..............

The bitron has saved a lot of transmissions, engines, radiator and the TSS ---Tire Safety Solution has kept a lot of cars users from being stranded on the road as a result of flat tires.

for more bitron product info review the bitron product guide at

enjoy the journey
take care and God Bless
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