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Changing Your Oil. Motor Oil differences

Before you change the oil in your car, you need to be aware of a few things  that the average driver isn't.

Consumer Information Bulletin
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Changing Your Oil
by James K. English
Director R&D
Bi-Tron Corporation

Changing Your Oil
Consumer Information Bulletin
February 2004
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Before you change the oil in your car, you need to be aware of a few things
that the average driver isn't.

Non-synthetic motor oils are made to a performance specification and are
not a formulated product. Motor oil is made from what is left over after all
the other chemical products have been removed. (Please see Bi-Tron
Distributor Document 2004-01-201) This document will give you additional
information on this subject.

Each batch of base stock oil is different because it comes from different oil
wells in different parts of the world. This difference means the "Oil
Manufacturer's Additive Package" that will be added to the base stock oil
will be different for each batch. California oil vs Saudi oil is much different
and the "Oil Manufacturer's Additive Package" is also different.

So, what does this mean to me? Well most people think that when they
buy a brand name oil, let's say a 10-30 type, that if they buy that bottle in
Boston it will be the same as a bottle purchased in San Diego. With non-
synthetic motor oil being a performance specification and not a formula, the
additive packages in each of these two bottles we are talking about may or
may not be the same.

Oil is made in different plants and different parts of the country, and
different parts of the world for that matter. This means that to meet the
minimum specification set forth by the auto manufacturer you would have
to make sure the "Brand Name Oils" all came from the same lot.
Look on the bottom of each bottle and you will find the lot number along
with many other numbers that are used for pricing and transportation.
Say the bottle you buy in Boston has a 1234 lot number on it and the one
you buy from San Diego has a lot number 5678. If you mix these two
bottles of motor oil, with these two different lots numbers, from the same oil
company with the same brand name and viscosity, it will not meet the
minimum performance specification. Because the "Oil Manufacturer's
Additive Packages" are different.

I ran the following test in a laboratory setting using state-of-the-art engine
test equipment and t found that mixing lot numbers does affect the outcome
of how the oil performs. I bought cases of oil and randomly picked bottles of
oil out of the cases and mixed them together and put them into a 3.8L GM
test engine. We failed on two occasions to meet the baseline requirements
of the auto manufacturer's performance specification because we mixed lot
numbers. We, as auto engineers, were also unaware of this problem, and
then when we mixed bottles with the same lot numbers we passed the
minimum specification.

So if you change your own oil, you will now have to look at the bottom of
each bottle and make sure you buy a case of oil with all the same lot
numbers to assure you meet the minimum performance specification.
What happens when you take your car to a quick oil change place and they
pump the oil out of their underground tanks? When the auto dealer or quick
oil change place buys in bulk, let's say 10W-30 oil, it may be from different
batches and blended before it even gets to the auto dealer or quick oil
change establishment.

One thing for sure is that it's going to be mixed with other oils when they
dump the new oil on top of the oil left in the bottom of the tank. This mixing
of oils and lot numbers just took a major turn for the worse because now
the oil that was pumped into your car may come from many different
manufacturers and a variety of lot numbers.

To assure the minimum specification please use oil with the same lot numbers.

enjoy the journey

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