Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Impressive bitron testimonials.

Here is a recent  email I got with an impressive bitron testimonial.

Alex:  This is a letter you sent last year after I signed up and ordered products.  I've still got a good supply left.  I want to renew my distributorship.  How do I do this and get my web page back on line.  

I've been side tracked this last year and a recent incident with my car has put me back on TRACK!

Last week I was at a old high school reunion and on my return trip (500mile total)  my trouble light came on.  I discovered my radiator fluids were low (reservoir) was empty and I had no oil on my dip stick!   

My car is a Hyundai Accent with about 70,000 miles on it.  I have the oil changed  frequently and treat it with metal treatment system every other time.  

My engine oil was gone!  And my radiator fluids were very low!  It was not over heated and the electric fans that run behind the radiator were not running!  In other words the engine was cool and working just fine.  The metal treatment systems saved my bacon!   

I took it to my mechanic and had him investigate the trouble light, and where my oil etc went.  

He did not find any clue about the lack of oil and the low radiator fluids.  That still remains to be figured out.  
He did find on the computer that the light went on due to the vibration in the engine.  He re set this and we are monitoring fluids to find any leaks.  

Anyway, this testimonial has sparked several people wanting this product.  I've got to capitalize on this if possible.

Do you have business cards available with how to order using my distributor number etc?  

I need to get up to speed on this.

Doc Luke

The sutble protection that bitron provide when it is called upon to do what it is suppose to do, 
that is protect your vehicle.
Another testimonial  reeceived today
Hi Alex:

That is similar to an incident that happened in the Fraser Valley 15 or so years ago. If I remember it correctly a lady (don't remember her name) took her car in for servicing in Abbotsford (think it was a mercedes) then headed for Vancouver for an appointment. She had only gone a short distance when the "check oil" light came on. She was running late for her appointment and as she had just had it serviced she assumed it was a problem with the computer system. After her appointment  she took the car to a mechanic; there was no oil in the sump, can't remember if it was a leaky filter gasket or the oil pan plug had not been tightened properly. Basically she drove from Abbotsford to Vancouver with no oil and there was no damage done to the car.

Bitron is an amazing product, I've used it in 3-4 cars and two motor homes with a fuel consumption decrease of between 10 -20% in all cases plus all the other benefits. 

Thanks for the update.

In His service
A L 

This is why I have used this excellent proud  now for over 17 years. Bitron save you money and 
pays for itself in the long run. 
I had a similar incident  in 2014 between February & April I lost my radiator fluid twice in my truck. The mechanic could not find a reason why I lost the fluid. No damage to the engine. In the 1st instance,I think I drove around for about a week for I knew I had lost the fluid.  AWF
Enjoy the journey,

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
866 517 2113

Feel free to pass this e mail on to others who have shown interest in bitron. Thanks