Monday, 16 February 2015

Save money every time you fill up!

Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner


Save money every time you fill up!

Designed to increase the lubricity and improve combustion of gasoline and diesel fuels resulting in improved fuel efficiency.
Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner

Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner benefits:

  • Reduced exhaust emissions
  • Oxygenates fuel; more complete combustion
  • Better mileage; lower octane requirement
  • Cleans & lubricates carburetor, injectors, and top-end
  • Minimizes pre-ignition and dieseling
  • Increases lubricity of fuel
  • Reduces moisture related problems in the fuel system
  • Increases fuel efficiency and combustion
  • Reduces gelling point & inhibits fungal growth
  • Protects pumps and injectors
  • Tested and Proven in SAE test!

Fuel Conditioner Overview

Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner is a complex combination of petroleum-based chemicals that are designed to increase the lubricity and improve combustion of gasoline and diesel fuels. The active components penetrate and remove carbon build-up, gums and sludge and lubricate the moving metal parts of both the fuel supply system and the engine's top-end. The product is compatible with all types and grades of fuel. Use of the Conditioner extends the life of the engine and improves the efficiency of fuel combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption. Further benefits:
Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner is a non-extractable and ash-less conditioner that serves as a multi-functional lubricant, and conforms to EPA regulations when used in diesel fuel. It is non-corrosive and contains no solids. The Fuel Conditioner is engineered to improve the burn structure of the fuel so that it burns faster, hotter and more completely. More energy is extracted from the fuel and because it is being burned more completely, lower levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are expelled in exhaust emissions.

Sulphur has been removed from diesel fuels throughout North America in the interest of reducing toxic and acidic emissions. As a result, the fuel is not burning as well and damage is being done to the upper engine and fuel pumps due to a lack of lubrication. The Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner will improve the lubricity of the fuel and coat all metal surfaces throughout the fuel system and upper engine with a protective layer of oil. In the upper engine it coats injectors and valves with a layer of oil and will even remove existing gums and varnishes and prevent future build-up. This means that these vital components can operate to the optimum level that their engineered parameters will allow.
Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner's improved lubricity makes for easier starts and smoother running engines and will help prevent winter fuel from gelling at low temperatures while improving the lubricity of this much thinner fuel. It also breaks down the surface tension of water that may have built up from condensation in diesel fuel. This allows any water to be easily moved through the system and burnt off protecting the injectors and fuel filters, and lubricating and protecting the upper cylinder walls and fuel pump from wear.
The conditioner also extends the life of fuel in storage tanks. It slows the degradation of the fuel caused by the polymerization and breakdown of hydrocarbons preventing sludge formation, color deterioration, a disagreeable odor and even fungus growth. The conditioner can be used to improve heating oil combustion and protect the pumps and injectors.
Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner is compatible with all grades of fuel; gasoline and diesel, heating oils etc. but may not be totally miscible with crude, heavy bunker C grade fuel.
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