Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Making ‘ME’ a habit?

from a recent Bob Molle newsletter 

Making ‘ME’ a habit?
February - 2015
Bob Molle
Making ‘ME’ a habit? 
I was recently on a call with Susan and she started describing all the tasks that she had to do for the week and quite frankly, she was overwhelmed, to say the least. Her daily list was enough to raise her blood pressure to a boiling point. 

“Bob”, she said, “I very seldom have time to fit any personal items in my day, and I am exhausted by the end of the day. Work, cooking, cleaning and kids activities is just the tip of the iceberg.” 
I hear very similar comments over and over again. Yes, the daily demand of tasks can be very overwhelming and if it continues at this rate you will end up 40 pounds overweight, unhealthy, and trust me not very happy. 
Learn to take whatever time you need for yourself first thing in the morning (if possible). 
Dedicate at least 30min to 1 hour to yourself (yes you deserve it) and take care of your physical and mental needs your body requires. This needs to be habit forming and a ritual you should do daily. 
The truth is that when we take time for ourselves to pursue our passions, do the things that we enjoy, relax or even do nothing at all, we end up happier, healthier and feeling better. "Me" time allows us to de-stress, unwind and rejuvenate. Taking time for yourself allows you to renew, heal, and be more energetic. 
When I have asked my clients why they don't plan more "me" time in their schedules, three common themes arise: feeling guilty, not enough time, or it feels selfish. 
"Me" time is not something you should feel guilty about. It's nothing more than taking some time to put aside your everyday business and treating yourself to an activity that you enjoy. And when you do that, you can come back to your responsibilities with greater focus, commitment and enjoyment. 
Time to make “Me” your first priority? 
Bob Molle 

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 

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