Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bi-Tron Gasoline ONLY and Diesel ONLY Fuel Conditioners!

Be winter ready with Bi-Tron's new Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Conditioners. 

Introducing new products

Bi-Tron Gasoline ONLY and Diesel ONLY Fuel Conditioners!

With new advanced engine technologies comes the need to have more advanced fuel products. Bi-Tron continues to deliver great results with Gasoline ONLY and Diesel ONLY Fuel Conditioners ready to take on the most advanced operating conditions as well as the toughest Canadian winter conditions.

Try them for yourself today and see the difference immediately. Call us at (604) 244-8999 to place your order. First 10 callers will receive a special discount on qualifying orders.   
Bi-Tron Gas Only Conditioner is a complex combination of petroleum-based chemicals that are designed to increase the lubricity and improve combustion of gasoline fuel. The active components penetrate and remove carbon build-up, gums and sludge and lubricate the moving metal parts of both the fuel supply system and the engine's top-end. The product is compatible with all types and grades of gasoline fuel. Use of the Bi-Tron Gas Only Conditioner extends the life of the engine and improves the efficiency of fuel combustion, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
Bi-Tron Diesel Only Conditioner is a non-extractable and ash-less conditioner that serves as a multi-functional lubricant, and conforms to EPA regulations when used in diesel fuel. It is non-corrosive and contains no solids. The Bi-Tron Diesel Only Conditioner is engineered to improve the burn structure of the fuel so that it burns faster, hotter and more completely. More energy is extracted from the fuel and because it is being burned more completely, lower levels of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons are expelled in exhaust emissions while economy is improved.
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