Saturday, 31 August 2013

Food For Thought:

the following is from a recent copy of Fred Saliken's Awareness Newsletter.

Food For Thought: 

A very Inspirational Poem by Derrick & Lucy Drews.

One tree can start a forest:
One smile can begin a friendship:
One hand can lift a soul:
One word can frame the goal:
One candle can wipe out darkness:
One laugh can conquer gloom:
One hope can raise your spirits:
One touch can show you care:
One life can make the difference:
be that one today."

Be kind to yourself and to someone else, and have a
Wonder-FULL and most Successful week

Enjoy--- To your better health and wellness

take care and God Bless
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Bread Is Unhealthy For You

The following is from a recent e mail I received and it is posted here for your consideration, 
Subject: Breads are a no no.!!
Reasons Why Bread Is Unhealthy For You
Did you know that your white slice of bread is actually unhealthy for you to consume at any moment of the day. There are a lot of reasons as to why eating bread is unhealthy, and why you should opt for other sources of food when you are hungry. Eating bread on a daily basis can increase chances of developing certain diseases which will adversely affect your health.
Surprising that for a very long time experts have claimed to say that white bread and refined grains in general are not particularly nutritious but we still consume because of the taste. One piece of advice Boldsky can give you is this - 'The whiter the bread the sooner you are dead!' If you switch to brown bread and not be added to a daily diet, it is healthy and a wise decision. But, if you make it a habit to consume bread daily, then you are inviting trouble for yourself.
Here we have enlisted some of the main reasons why eating bread is unhealthy. Take a look at these reasons and you will understand why we are advicing you to not make this your daily source of food.
It is true that bread has no form of nutrients present in it to keep you healthy. When you are trying to suppress your cravings you are most likely looking at increasing your intake of proteins and vitamins too. But, in any form of bread does not provide you with nutrients that is necessary.
High Level Of Soduim
Breads contain a very high level of sodium, This high amount of sodium contributes to heart diseases. If you are having bread regularly, then you are contributing to high levels of salt in the body.

Weight Gain 

Some may think that avoiding rice and switching to bread is ideal. But, did you know that bread does amount to a lot of calorie-intake if you consume it on a daily diet. 

Hunger pangs 

When it comes to choosing between white and brown bread, most people go in for white bread, as it tastes better! But the problem is that white bread does not fill you unlike brown bread. The carbohydrates is higher in white bread than brown bread. But, this does not mean that brown bread should be consumed daily.

Glutten issues 

Wheat contains high amount of a protein called gluten. This protein gives rise to Coeliac disease (a disease where many people experience an upset stomach after they have consumed bread). This is one of the symptoms of gluten intolerance.
High in carbohydrates
Experts say that those items which have been prepared from bread contain high amounts of carbohydrates. An overdose of carbs will cause brain fog, which only means a decrease of cognitive functioning. 

Increase blood sugar 

The starch in bread gets broken down quickly in the digestive tract and enters the bloodstream as glucose. This causes a rapid spike in blood sugar and insulin levels. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why eating bread is unhealthy. 

Other substances

Most types of bread contain a certain amount of sugar or high fructose corn syrup, just like processed foods. This sugar causes a lot of adverse effects on your health.
All wheats today are sprayed with fertilizers and or pesticides.
All flour is processed and refined to the point where nutrients are scarce.

Just how unhealthy is our daily bread? Use your loaf and find out

12 million loaves are sold in the UK every day but many contain barely any nutrients. Here's how to use your loaf when buying bread

Proper Nutrition makes a big difference on the health of your body

take care and God Bless 
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Biggest Fuel Efficiency Myths

the following is a guest post by Sara Collins

The Biggest Fuel Efficiency Myths

In tough economic times, keeping a tight hold on the family purse strings is more important than ever, and saving money on car fuel is no exception to this rule. There are many excellent waves to conserve fuel, but not all of the advice you’ve picked up will work for you. Some myths are simply outdated, while others make sense but have never been true. Here are six of the biggest fuel efficiency myths out there, with alternate fuel-saving tips included.

1) Shifting into neutral at stops
This myth comes from a bygone era when car engines all utilized carburetors; today computer-based fuel-injection obviate this conventional wisdom. Modern cars can determine if the engine is revving when the accelerator isn’t pressed and shut off the fuel injectors even if the car remains in gear. Instead of shifting into neutral at traffic lights or in slow-moving traffic—which will merely prematurely wear down shift parts—just let your car engine’s computer do the fuel-saving work for you.

2) Cruise control
Everyone knows that cruise control keeps a steady speed, and some take from that fact that using the system will save fuel. In a theoretical world of perfectly flat roads that conjecture may be accurate, but in reality it doesn’t work, especially on long trips through unknown terrain. When the elevation of the road changes, even slightly, a car on cruise control will sharply accelerate, wasting a lot of gas in the process. Instead, when traveling long distances, just make shrewd use of the gas pedal yourself to save more fuel than cruise control.

3) Small cars
There’s a common misconception that larger cars are all gas-guzzlers and all small cars deliver more bang for your buck. While that may have once been mostly true, government regulation and the advance of technology have rendered that idea a myth. Nowadays, the smaller car is not necessarily more energy efficient given the proliferation of hybrid technology and more. Instead of counting on size as the best indicator of fuel efficiency, do your homework and compare fuel economy of different vehicles you’re looking at. There are countless sources of consumer information where you can find all the facts you need to get the most fuel efficient car. Start with

4) Manual transmission
This is another myth that is rooted in a previous time. In decades past, 5-speed manual transmissions typically guaranteed better fuel mileage through the efficient shifting of the driver, as opposed to more wasteful 3-speed automatics. Nowadays technological advancements have rendered automatic transmissions more efficient at saving fuel than most manual transmissions, on average. While a highly skilled driver using a stick shift on a high-performance car may save money on gas, this is not the typical result with modern vehicles. Instead, use an automatic manual transmissions combination (or AMT, which utilizes the best of both types), or stick with an automatic transmission to keep your wallet fatter.

5) Premium gas
If your car is designed for regular gas, as most are, premium gas is an enormous waste of money rather than a strategy for saving. Costing around 25 cents more per gallon (possibly hundreds of dollars over the course of a year), the high-octane premium fuel will not boost your gas mileage unless your car is specifically meant to use it. If you’re not sure, check your owner’s manual before spending that extra cash.

6) Fuel additives
When you visit the auto store, mechanic, or gas station you’ll likely notice the plethora of fuel additives promising miracles when it comes to your fuel mileage. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. While a small minority of these cure-alls may pay for themselves by small increments, you can bet that most will cost more at the cashier’s stand than they’ll ever save you, and government investigations have proved your suspicions correct. Instead, check out well-reviewed fuel-injector cleaning products and use them on a basis of need rather than throwing away money on snake oil.

Sara Collins is a writer for NerdWallet, a site dedicated to helping consumers find the best deals online.


take care and God Bless
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

FREE Awarenesslife Worldwide Health Store :

Awarenesslife Worldwide Health Store and it many benefits! 
the following is from a recent copy of Fred Saliken's Awareness Newsletter.

Here are 15 benefits of in respect to an online Health Store, that a Distributor receives for FREE, just by signing up on Autoship with One or More Product's!

Why we love our FREE Awarenesslife Worldwide Health Store : 

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7. We can offer free shipping with a bright yellow banner if we want.
8. Our customers can get educated on the products. It's a product resource center.
9. We can personally introduce ourselves to people who visit our health store with a short testimonial and our picture if we want.
10. We have a free 60 second health test people can fill out right on our site.
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12. A new business builder can join our team by clicking on "To become a Distributor" and getting started.
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15. One of our customers can come to our health store and ' tell a friend ' with an e-card that sends them to our health store!

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Learn about Syndrome X

 Learn about Syndrome X--- 

If you have food cravings or food binges, then come to the call to learn in detail what causes the cravings, and what harm they can do, and how they can be controlled, by using the Awarenesslife Products. Also, by better understanding the problems and dangers associated with Syndrome X, and how to control it, you will be in a better position in helping yourself, your family and friends.

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Come & enjoy the call

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Sunday, 25 August 2013


the following is from a recent copy of Fred Saliken's Awareness Newsletter.
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