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featuring the product "HARMONY"-Botanic Herbal liquid,

I would like to give a HUGE welcome to Gordon Conway of Courtenay, BC & Kevin & Liana Kennedy of Redmond Oregon http://legendaryproducts.awarenesslife.com as new distributors in Awarenesslife World Wide. Congratulations to both on their desire for better health and grow forward.  AWF

from a recent newsletter form Awarenesslife distributor Fred Saliken,

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE-.  featuring the product "HARMONY"-Botanic Herbal liquid, 
-This week from numerous requests of Distributors, we are featuring the product "HARMONY"-Botanic Herbal liquid, experience dramatic improvements in Mind, Body and Energy.

-Harmony is a Mediterranean natural organic food used for more than 285 years to help people experience dramatic improvements in mind, body, energy and spirit. The 19 delicately balanced, 100% natural ingredients in Harmony help your body to protect itself from environmental toxins and give you the optimal nourishment for improved overall function


Harmony supplies the vital amino acids, minerals and antioxidants (such as King Solomon Seed and Black Seed) necessary to maintain health. This unique product is 100% natural, and contains a delicately balanced combination of 19 natural ingredients, which help to support the immune system. You can take it directly or as a tea, many people enjoy mixing it into a glass of cold water or juice to create a healthy, refreshing beverage. It contains no preservatives, no artificial ingredients, and no caffeine. Due to the way Harmony is balanced, it can be taken on a daily basis for as long as desired. When taken as a dietary supplement, users have experienced dramatic improvements in mind, body and spirit.

Take one to two teaspoons a day, morning and afternoon, or as often as desired. Shake the bottle well before using the product, and refrigerate the bottle after it has been opened.

Take Harmony between meals for best results.

To make a special herbal tea, mix one to two teaspoons of Harmony in a cup of warm water.

"Give the product time and I'm sure you will see good results. If you didn't care of your body for 25 or 30 years you can't expect the Harmony to balance your body in half a day. Listen to your body and see how the Harmony slowly starts to give you energy and strength. When you stay consistent, in time you will see benefits if you stay with it. This is the best gift I can give to the whole world. This product has been in my family for centuries. It was passed down from father to son and now it is my turn, and I want to share it with the world. Harmony is truly a treasure." By Ahmad Aboukhazaal, Master Herbalist.

Here is a description of 4 of the 19 ingredients found in Harmony and what they have been know to help the body:

King Solomon's Seed-This rarely studied herb has been used by herbalists for a variety of ailments including, tuberculosis, diabetes, and wasting diseases. It is also used for piles, tumors, women's disorders and kidney diseases.

Thyme- Powerful antiseptic, often used in cases of anemia, insomnia, bronchial ailments and intestinal disorders. Also, relieves muscular pains and stimulates production of white blood corpuscles to resist infection.

Alfalfa- Helps in healing of allergies, arthritis, peptic ulcers, and stomach ailments. Also cleanses the kidneys and acts as a blood purifier.

Black Seed-Used since the 13th century to treat everything from arthritis, asthma, infections, kidney & liver function, circulation & resistance to diseases. Also helps with building the immune system

Humor: The Truth About Hugs, especially with the holiday season just around the corner.

"Hugs are non-fattening and they don’t cause cancer or cavities.

Hugs are all natural with no preservatives, artificial preservatives or toxic residue

Hugs are cholesterol-free, naturally sweet, 100% wholesome and a renewable resource

Hugs are easy to care for, they don’t require batteries, tune-ups or day-care

Hugs are non-taxable, fully returnable and energy-efficient

Hugs are safe in all kinds of weather

Hugs are especially good on cold or rainy days

Hugs are exceptionally effective for treating problems like bad dreams, disappointments and blue Mondays

Hugs are good for people of all ages, shapes and sizes

Hugs may be considered “politically incorrect” (which makes them even more delicious) but on the positive side, they are FUN!

Give someone a hug today – you’re almost sure to get one right back!"-Author Unknown

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We wish you and your family a most Blissful and Successful week.

Merry Christmas and a very Properous New Year of 2014

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