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Interesting Cruise Information


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Interesting Cruise Information
Newsletter - Oct.  2013
Vol. 2,  Issue #5

        Travel & Cruise News and Items of interest
               A Newsletter from Rosswin Travel, Courtenay, Vancouver Island, BC
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Make Your Cruise An Enjoyable One
Secrets The Cruise Lines Don't Tell You
11 Ways to Get Booted Off a Ship
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                        Make Your Cruise An Enjoyable One

   Cruising can be a an enjoyable experience, especially if you do not go with a preconceived idea of what to expect. That way you will accept what is available and will not be disappointed.  If you have previously cruised before and are trying a new cruise line try not to compare the both lines, each cruise line is a bit different and must be accepted as such. 

 A cruise is what YOU make it, if you do not, at least try to join in some of the the activities planned, then you will a sitting wallflower.  My husband and I are inclined to take part only in the activities that interest us, so I shouldn't talk. We have, at times taken part in some that we thought would not be of interest and they have been a lot of fun. They were a great learning experience. 

   On the last few cruise's we have discovered the Art auctions, we have found a wide variety of interests that are available to art lovers, something to suit everyone's taste in art. We enjoy the activity and of course the free champagne and the free print given out at the end of the auction. 

   If you are a reader there is usually a good selection of books in the ship's library. On some of the cruise lines there is a section or box where passengers leave their own books that they have read (or can be exchanged)  

   Check out each floor of the ship, you might be surprised at what you will find.  On one cruise we found a movie theatre tucked away that did not have much signage to advertise it. Lots of small cubby holes if you want a private corner for yourself. 

    You do not have to buy a drink to check out the bars etc and enjoy the entertainment offered.  Check out the various sports activities offered. 

    Chat with someone sitting or standing in line next to you, many new friends can be made on a cruise.
Read your daily bulletin and plan your day.

    I have included some tips and comments in the following articles from

Enjoy your next cruise.   We can assist you in planning an exciting cruise....... what ocean would you like to sail in.....

Secrets The Cruise lines Don't Tell You

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