Sunday, 15 September 2013

Words have force


Your thoughts create your reality
Feelings enforce your words
Words enforce that reality
The reality around you, is
A vision of the inner you

Words come from Thoughts.
Thoughts come from your feelings
Feelings come from your core
of how you react to a situation
that is not to your liking.

Nothing has a meaning unless 
you give it a meaning.
Words come from thoughts
be the negative or positive
cheerful, joyful or a put downer.

Words can build a person up
Words can tear a person down
Words are magical or destructive
Words can be beautiful or offensive

Are you a person who follows the crowd
or a positive model empowering the crowd
Are you a person who thinks it cool to 
use in appropriate word unsuited for
any situation
Are you a person, no matter what the exterior
shows, looks at the good in a situation
lifting the other up even when bitterness is
or do you put down the person that you are affected by.

Angry words spoken hurt the speaker more than the 
Angry words, misused words are the ego ruling you
Words, thoughts, feelings are powerful no matter how used
Words can heal, bring joy, words can hurt, be destructive

How do you use your words to build people up
no matter what the situation or reason or circumstance

Words be careful how you use them as
they are like a boomerang and can come back to haunt you.

Speak wisely. Speak gently. Speak thoughtfully, Speak kindly
Speak so that you can be proud of your action of supporting

Speak words of wisdom, the best medicine to be heard.

Winnie Winton

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