Tuesday, 27 August 2013

FREE Awarenesslife Worldwide Health Store :

Awarenesslife Worldwide Health Store and it many benefits! 
the following is from a recent copy of Fred Saliken's Awareness Newsletter.

Here are 15 benefits of in respect to an online Health Store, that a Distributor receives for FREE, just by signing up on Autoship with One or More Product's!

Why we love our FREE Awarenesslife Worldwide Health Store : 

1. It works for us 24/7 - even when we are sleeping.
2. We get one FREE just for being on autoship.
3. We get to name it anything we want and it's permanently ours.
4. Even if we don't know how to use a computer we can have a health store.
5. Customers can order on-line without us being involved,and Head Office collects the Money and Ships the product out of the Warehouse,either in Canada or the USA.
6. We get paid a 35% Commission the following month by Head Office on all Customer Product orders online from our Health Store.
7. We can offer free shipping with a bright yellow banner if we want.
8. Our customers can get educated on the products. It's a product resource center.
9. We can personally introduce ourselves to people who visit our health store with a short testimonial and our picture if we want.
10. We have a free 60 second health test people can fill out right on our site.
11. What is our healthy weight?  This is also a link our customer can use and find out their BMI.
12. A new business builder can join our team by clicking on "To become a Distributor" and getting started.
13. We can set a product theme of our choice for our site.
14. Visitors to our site can listen to live on-line product testimonials!
15. One of our customers can come to our health store and ' tell a friend ' with an e-card that sends them to our health store!

Check out my health store here--- http://glengarry.awarenesslife.com
take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
866 517 2113

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