Monday, 17 June 2013


 Tid-Bits" from a recent Awareness Distributor Newsletter by Fred Saliken,


1. Quit smoking(If you're a nonsmoker, don't start)
2. Adopt a healthy diet. Avoid foods high in saturated fat and salt.
3. Exercise. Perform 30 min of aerobic exercise(the kind that raises your heart rate) at least four times a week.
4. Control your weight.
5. If diabetic, learn to control your blood sugar.
6. If hypertase, learn to control your blood pressure.
7. Consult your Doctor.
          Reference-Time Health Guide

The exciting part about the above article is that the Awarenesslife Pure Trim Program( which includes the products-Daily Complete, Pure Trim Shakes and the
)works excellent in helping with all of the above.


"Water is a rather simple chemical that is necessary for life.Water is a
neutral,universal solvent. The human body is approximately 93% water.
You can live without food for prolonged periods of time,but you can't
live without water.Some animals and plants can live without water for
days,but the human body was designed to consume water every day.
Daily water requirements varies from person to person and from climate
to climate. A person in a tropical climate who perspires easily will
probably drink more water than a person in a cold climate who is trying
to conserve water. The minimum recommended daily intake of water is
the equivalent of 6 to 8 twelve ounce glasses per day. Pure, natural spring
water is a good source of water. Spring water contains various minerals
in addition to plain water. Flouridated water has been associated with
certain cancers and bone disease. Distilled water has no natural minerals."
By-Dr. Douglas Lobay,ND


Research published in the journal of Home Economics showed
that in cooking foods by boiling, 48% of the iron is lost, 31% of
the calcium is destroyed, 46% of the phosphorus is cooked away, and 45%
of the magnesium is wasted.

Boiling causes a total approximate loss of 50% of the food value of white
potatoes, 40% of the value of cabbage and 50% of the nutritional content
of an apple.

Have yourself a wonder-full week.

take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser

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