Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Mom of two loses 100 pounds --- Are you inspired to better Health

Are you inspired to better Health

Awarenesslife puts out a regular newsletter the most recent Inspire! newsletter has the following contents

1-- A Pilot soars his way to success with the puretrim system--- see how it was done

2- Mom of two loses 100 pounds on the pure trim system  see how it was done

3-- Celebrities shine with awarenesslife products

4-- Recent studies show benefits of Exercise

5-- Show the e cards and make your chocolate home party a great success

6-- Athlete scores over setbacks with hard work and a positive attitude  see how it was done

7-- Book of the month tells how to start on the sure path to awesomeness. Punch Fear in the Face.

8-- Great recipe--- Refreshing shakes for the summer.    see how it was done

get all the details on these interesting article at http://www.awarenesslife.com/inspire/2013/06june/

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take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

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