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Tips for Traveling by Bus or Train

Tips for Traveling by Bus or Train

- If there are no visible names for each stop, enlist the help of a nearby seat mate to let you know when a certain stop comes up.  When the writer of this article traveled by train for their job, they would count the number of stops until theirs. They are grateful for buses and trains that have visual displays of stops and information.
Tell a fellow traveler or an attendant that you have hearing loss so that you don’t miss any safety announcements.

General Travel Tips

- Travel can be fun but a little time spent preparing and researching your trip will make it more enjoyable. Travel does not have to be avoided because of a hearing loss.  So plan ahead, inform your fellow travelers, transportation hosts and hotel clerks that you have a hearing problem and enjoy yourself.

- Try to make all travel arrangements in advance. Once transportation arrangements have been made, request written confirmation to ensure that information is correct. Always inform the ticket representative that you are hearing- impaired.

- Remember to take your passport, Visa, money and tickets

- Make sure you get comprehensive travel and medical insurance before you go.
  • Obtain local knowledge, carry out a bit of research into your destination including its laws, customs and language. Read a good guidebook and familiarize yourself with your destination(s).
- Visit you doctor at least 6 weeks before you depart and find out what needles you may need.
  • Take photocopies of all your documents, passports, visa cards etc, keep one copy with you and have it in a safe place and leave one copy with a family member. -
  • Set up an e-mail account: e-mail yourself and trusted friend or relative details of your insurance policy, passport, itinerary and emergency contact numbers (insurance company, credit card company) just in case. 
  • (Note- I am not sure I agree with this above statement, but I will leave that up to you if you trust the e-mail service)
- Carry printed copies of lodging reservations, dates and prices

- Take enough money, take a mixture of cash, travelers’ cheques and credit cards 
and do not keep them all in one place. Tell your bank if you are going to be away and where you plan to go, otherwise you might not be able to use your cards.  Ask what banks they are affiliated with in the county you are visiting. These banks should accept your cards where others might not. 
I had trouble using my one client card and had a second one that did work. 

- Keep in touch with friends and family

 Arrive early at the airport, bus terminal, or train station. Tell the agent at the boarding gate that you are hearing-impaired and need to be notified in person when it’s time to board.

- Do not be afraid to ask for help from fellow travelers—most are more than willing to offer assistance.

- Keep an eye on your belonging’s at all times while in an airport, bus or train station.

- Be aware of drug and alcohol laws. 

- Pack for the climate, but do not overpack. 
            ( I usually pack and then I take out half of what I had packed and then if I am having trouble closing my bag I repeat the procedure. We have got it down to one knapsack each, but that means giving up our formal wear when cruising, if dressing up appeals to you then yes, pack a bit more and enjoy your cruise or resort.)

- Depending where you are going, a small first aid kit might be handy, band aids, antiseptic cream, scissors etc. Taylor it to fit your holiday (if you cannot pack your scissors into a checked bag then leave them at home as they will be taken away while going through security at the airport.) 

- Take some insect repellent, suncream, treatment for diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. 
  ( yes, you can probably buy these items when you get to your destination but you might be paying twice the price and then maybe not but why not have it on hand in case you need it.)

The above from Rhoda's  RosswinTravel Newsletter for March 2013 at

take care and God Bless      Enjoy

Alex W Fraser  Rhoda Ross
Courtenay, BC

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