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Who has been to Alaska!!

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Discover Alaska
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 Alaska Cruise Season Coming Up

Have you booked your Alaska Cruise yet, if you are planing an Alaska cruise this year then book soon, the Alaska cruise season is about to begin. May to Sept., is the usual months for the large cruise ships to sail to Alaska.  There are quite a few cruise lines offering sales for the Alaska season but the bargains will not last long, so book soon. 

I have added another cruise company to the list this season 

 "Discover Alaska" 
 "All- Inclusive Alaska Cruise/Tour Vacation"
I believe this is the only company that offers an all-inclusive cruise and tour to Alaska
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more info contact Rhoda at rosswin @ or 866 517 2113

We, Rhoda & Alex Have discovered Alaska twice and looking forward to a 3rd discovery cruise.
take care and God bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC 

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