Thursday, 23 May 2013

10 Essentials for health and wellness

The following is from the Trivita magazine

10 Essentials for health and wellness 

TriVita urges everyone to "experience wellness'" in all aspects of life. 
The keys are these 10 Essentials of physical, emotional and spiritual health, offered to help you enjoy vibrant, joyful living each day. 

1-- Breathe Deeply 
Take deep, cleansing breaths, hold, then release to detoxify and relax. 
2-- Drink Water 
Hydrated body systems perform at their peak, giving you abundant energy. 
3-- Sleep Peacefully 
A regular sleep routine lets your body repair and rejuvenate. Pleasant dreams! 
4-- Eat Nutritiously 
Savor the goodness of wholesome foods while you fuel both body and mind. 
5--Enjoy Activity 
Exercise your right to feel good all over: 
Physical activity helps your whole being. 

6-- Give and Receive Love 
The highest emotion bathes the soul, while bolstering our immune system. 
7-- Be Forgiving 
Release old angers and grudges: It makes room in the heart for peace. 
8-- Practice Gratitude 
Appreciate your blessings to add joy and subtract stress from everyday life. 
9-- Develop Acceptance 
To reduce worry and gain happiness, let go of what you can't change. 

10-- Develop a Relationship with God Cultivate your spiritual awareness 
to achieve optima! wellness. 

When you get in touch with your body and its needs, you begin to develop the right mindset for a supplementation program to support your health. When products are featured at special prices, it gives you an opportunity to experiment and experience greater wellness. When you try a new product,
I would encourage you to give it a chance by staying with it a few months to truly feel its impact on your body.

take care and god bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

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