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a new Strategic Alliance! Webinarr 10AM PST

Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 23:09:18 -0400
Subject: A new direction for Natureline Solutions

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We are very excited to announce a new Strategic Alliance!
We’ve all long known just how effective Natureline’s products and marketing systems are, as do many in the industry.  Over the last several months, we’ve been looking to partner with a key industry player to help facilitate our international growth.  We’ve been courted by many different companies but one stood out from the others.

They are a company that is focused on a systematic expansion into Asia and Europe that is consistent with Natureline’s desire to move internationally.  Their motto is, “100 countries in 10 years”!

They are a well-established company with a similar mission to deliver quality products and they are focused on the health and wellness side of the business, a side we have yet to truly explore.

They are a company trending in the right direction. In  2010 they were the 92nd largest Direct Selling company in the world and in 2011, they have risen past #70 and the projection for 2012 is that they will be in the top 50’s or 40’s, according to the DSA.

The company that we are so excited to introduce you to is Trivita. TriVita has accomplished all this by successfully combining traditional networking with a strong media approach, spending millions of dollars per month in media advertising with a cooperative sales approach to customer retention.

They are now expanding further internationally using a more traditional "networking" approach and to help facilitate that growth, they want to deliver to the field more of the high tech marketing tools and systems that Natureline has already successfully developed.

We are happy and excited to announce an alliance with Trivita and international Co-Founder and former International President of Trivita , Barry Borthistle, who is now a leading independent TriVita business owner. Barry is a long time friend and colleague of Natureline Founder, Dick Simmonds.   Dick is excited to welcome all Natureline distributors to participate in the TriVita experience.  To quote Barry,  “I have known Dick for almost 30 years and have always dreamed of working with him and now that dream has come true”.

Barry’s background in the networking industry expands over the last 35 years and includes 50% of his time in corporate offices and 50% building his own field business.   His background includes being President of Enrich International, a multi multi-million company doing business in 9 countries and has served on the Board of Directors of the DSA in Canada.   Barry was Co-Founder of TriVita beginning in 1999 and also served as the International President until 2007 when he returned to the field to walk the walk and focus on building his own independent Trivita business.  Barry says “this is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”.

Under this new strategic alliance, Natureline distributors may continue to enjoy all the fantastic Natureline products but can now have access to TriVita’s entire catalog of tremendous health and wealth products.  In addition to this, you can now build a very profitable and successful worldwide TriVita business.

We are very excited to be working with Barry Borthistle and his team, as a Barry is a true ‘field guy’.   To quote Dick,  “Barry has always been the guy I most respected in our industry.  His integrity is beyond reproach and his track record is truly amazing.   Working with Barry and his team will allow all of us at Natureline to achieve our ultimate goals and I could not be more excited”.

Why TriVita?
TriVita is a trusted brand and their quality products come with a 60 day money back guarantee.
The leading product, Nopalea has now sold over 6 million bottles with incredible testimonies.
Millions of dollars spent on clinical product research.
Medical doctor advisory board.
Nopalea approved for the Physicians Reference Desk and the TGA Australia approved both Nopalea and B12 for infomercials in Australia
International expansion plans to go to “100 countries in 10 years”; Asia opens in October 2012
Unique backend marketing to customers including a monthly catalog and VitaJournal
13,000 sq. ft. Wellness Centre to open in Phoenix later 2012, the first of its kind in the world.
Members of North America BBB
Members of the DSA
We are going to be working closely with Barry and his team, moving forward to deliver powerful training tools and systems to help build on your success and experience to date.

We hope you and your teams will take full advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

To learn more you’ll need to connect with your teams and invite them to participate in a special webinar this weekend, Saturday at 10 am Pacific. Click below to register. Hear from Trivita CoFounder Barry Borthistle and his son Garth from Team Global Legacy and learn the next steps to our continued mutual success and how you and your teams can leverage some exciting new developments which we'll be sharing exclusively on the call.

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