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Tri-wash how to use

How to use

Hand Use Directions:

Bi-Tron Tri-Wash Waterless Car Wash1. Apply Bi-Tron Tri-Wash to a cool, dry surface in a shaded area if possible.
2. Use two soft, clean terry cloth towels... one for cleaning/polishing and one for buffing.
3. Spray a generous coat of Bi-Tron Tri-Wash on a small section of vehicle (2-3 sq. ft.), spraying with a broad sweeping motion where possible.
4. On windows, apply a light coat.
5. With moderately firm pressure, rub Bi-Tron Tri-Wash thoroughly over the sprayed area until the filmy haze that appears almost disappears.
6. Buff the remaining haze to a high gloss with second terry cloth towel.

Electric Buffer Directions:

1. Use a conventional or orbital-type buffer equipped with a foam polishing pad. (Do not exceed 2,400RPM)
2. Apply Bi-Tron Tri-Wash as described in step 3 above.
3. Immediately buff sprayed area to a high gloss.
4. Continue, section by section, until all accessible areas have been buffed.
5. Polish any remaining areas by hand, if necessary.

After Application Care:

You do not need to re-apply Tri-Wash to touch-up or dust off your vehicle. If the surface is soiled, not just dusty, then reapplying the Tri-Wash is advised using above directions. For a touch-up you'll need two soft terry cloth towels. Wet one with water until it is almost dripping, then lightly run over the area to be cleaned. DO NOT APPLY A LOT OF PRESSURE. The dirt and water will not stick to the Tri-Wash on the surface. Now take the dry towel and lightly buff the area dry. That exclusive Tri-Wash shine will be immediately restored! If your car is extremely dirty with mud, pebbles, or any other foreign matter remove it from the surface with care.
A single 32oz/946ml bottle of Bi-Tron Tri-Wash & Protective Glaze will clean, polish and protect up to 16 vehicles or wash your car without water up to 16 times.

Your cost per waterless wash = $2.75

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