Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Oil filter before & after bitron use

Oil filter before & after bitron use  

top photo shows crud/crap build up before using the Bitron engine treatment. Bottom Photo shows how clean the engine treatment results are.
Which results are you getting in your vehicle??

Does it matter to you??

Are you actually interested in lessens your concerns with fuel costs.

There are alternatives available to assist you in reducing your fuel & maintenance costs, if you are willing to look into these options.


Bi-Tron Metal Treatment Technology from Natureline Solutions on Vimeo.

posted by Alex W Fraser  2/8/12
Courtenay, BC


  1. Replacing your air filter takes a few more steps, but isn't that difficult. Folks who live in dustier climates will have to replace more often.

  2. Driving lessons Evesham; Thanks for your comment. You are right in your assessment. The cleaner an engine operates the better the performance. This is why I use all the excellent bitron products- fuel conditioner, engine treatment & powertrain & gear formulation as well as the Tire Safety Solution . For every $5.00 I used in products I get an average of between 20 & 30 dollars back in reduced fuel costs per fill up. some videos to watch

  3. Where is Bi- Tron available I am in New Zealand It was here a few years back .. I tested it & seemed to get amazing results! where has it gone??