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Creating the Right Expectations

Creating the Right Expectations

We can get jaded in this business.  And sometimes create some unrealistic expectations.  I once had a Diamond Director of mine quit and go elsewhere because he was only making $50,000 a month and thought he was a failure. 
We have people quit all the time because they’re not millionaires after 60 days.  And they think they should be fabulously wealthy within a year or two.
But what’s realistic?
Network Marketing is usually a two to five year plan.  That means that within that time frame, serious people will be able to replace their current job or income and have created a solid residual income.  The top achievers will do this in two years, most others will be closer to five.
This doesn’t mean they will be drinking out of coconuts, traveling by private jet, and have people throwing rose petals before their path.  It simple means that they will be able to replace their current job or income and have created a solid residual income.  In other words, they have escaped that rat race, and now have a solid foundation for creating true wealth.
Do we sometimes create millionaires from scratch within a few years?  Yes, but they are exceptions, not the rule.  So we shouldn’t be recruiting promising results like that.
And let’s get real…
Let’s suppose someone is making $2,000, $4,000 or $10,000 a month after this time frame.  This is something they started part-time on a miniscule investment.  They began from scratch.  And they are set up to have a huge income and lifestyle breakthrough very rapidly.  After only a few years.
This is not something to denigrate, but something to celebrate. 
Do you realize how long it takes to get these results in traditional jobs?  Or how large the investments are required in traditional businesses?  Network Marketing is miles ahead of the other options.  And do you really understand how positive, meaningful and transformational incomes like these are to 90 percent of the world!
It’s not get rich quick.  But it is get rich real.  
Now there’s a new resource out you should know about.   It’s a new book by Richard Brooke titled, The Four Year Career.  Based on his bestselling audio program, the book is a great overview of what Network Marketing is about.
It makes a side-by-side comparison of the four-year career versus the tradition forty-year career.  It dispels some of the common myths of the profession, and showcases the credibility of it.  And at the end, the book includes some real life success stories from a number of top leaders.
It’s a good book to build your own belief, and a great tool to use with prospects.   I suggest you snatch up a bunch now and look how it may integrate into your system.  You can find all the details at:
So what about you?
Do you really get this?  Are you sold on the business?  And are you creating a culture of realistic expectations for your team?  Please let me know what you think.
- RG

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  1. Randy,
    I think much of this issue stems from people using big, fast incomes to convince people to join their business. And of course, when the prospect does not reach that income easily, they become disullisioned and quit.
    I remember talking to a top earner in a well-know nutritional products company who was in his first MLM. He told everyone on stage what his income was (around $4,000 a month) and at the time was still involved in his financial advice practice and happy doing so. To him, that 4 grand was plenty to help live a better lifestyle, invest a little better and stay totally debt free. $4,000 a month in his part-time MLM business was all it took, built in two years of solid work.
    The money is there for those willing to work for it, but as you say…be willing to do the time, do the work, and don’t beat yourself up when you’re not making 50 or a 100 thousand a month.
  2. Jack LaCava
    Randy: This is one of your better posts. I am so sick and tired of network marketers who are making a substantial income telling people how easy it is and they can be wealthy inside of a year.
    I should send this post to my former millionaire sponsor but I know her ego and arrogant attitude will dismiss it.
    As someone who’s been both in the corporate and self-employed as a manufacturer’s rep for several years, network marketing is a very good business model. It’s fun and hard work but that will equal financial freedom in time.
  3. THANKS RANDY ~ more great and realistic truth about this amazing Network Marketing Business, and the REAL POTENTIAL THERE IS; 40 years for a watch or 4 years for a Better Life –> hmmm, which should I choose????

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great advice Randy.  A passive monthly income of say $2,000.00 a month is the equivalent to have about $1,250,000.00 in the bank at the current 2% annual interest. Not a bad deal for a persons part time effort.This creates a whole new perspective, mindset to get acquainted with.

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