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Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner tested by the top testing lab in the world!

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Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner tested by the top testing lab in the world!
Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner was tested by Southwest Research Institute in a Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and The Maintenance Council of American Trucking Association specified protocol (SAE 11321 Joint TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure Type II) road test and proved that even when only used on it's own Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner delivers fuel efficiency improvements!

Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is an independent, nonprofit applied research and development organization. The staff of more than 3,000 specializes in the creation and transfer of technology in engineering and the physical sciences. Southwest Research Institute has 100 major facilities with more than 2 million square feet of laboratories, workshops, test facilities, and offices.

The Testing

Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner showed fuel economy improvement at a treatment ratio of only 30ml (1oz) per 50L (13 gallons) of fuel in a fully controlled lab road test.

Fuel Conditioner test procedure followed was SAE 11321 Joint TMC/SAE Fuel Consumption Test Procedure Type II. This recommended practice provides a standard test procedure for comparing the in-service fuel consumption of one or more vehicles operating under two conditions. An unchanging control vehicle is run in tandem with the test vehicle(s) to provide reference fuel consumption data. The result of a test using this procedure is the percentage difference in fuel consumption of one vehicle in two different test conditions.

Economy Improvement

In the SAE specified road test conditions Bi-Tron Fuel Conditioner delivered savings that not only recovered the cost of the product at RETAIL price but delivered net positive savings up to double the cost of the product!

Even with the fantastic test results Natureline, as well as our members, cannot guarantee specific percentage savings as each application is different. Everything from fuel type, engine size, tire pressure to operator driving style makes a difference in the end result.  However, you can guarantee net savings for your customers or their money back, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Simply inform the interested person that the Bi-Tron product is successfully lab tested according to SAE test specification and discuss their goals to design a test for their particular application.

Further treating the engine oil and transmission fluid with Bi-Tron Engine Treatment and Bi-Tron Powertrain Formulation respectively will deliver amazing results in any application.

The Right Timing - Fuel Prices Rising

A new United States based report on gas, diesel, and oil prices from Wright Express (WEX) says gas and diesel prices are likely to keep climbing during the next couple of months. Retail gasoline will sell between $3.50 and $3.75 per gallon by mid-March. The national average is currently $3.48 for retail gasoline. The company expects diesel prices at the pump to get close to $4 per gallon before the end of February.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Short Term Outlook agrees with WEX’s report, saying it expects regular-grade retail gasoline prices will average $3.55 per gallon in 2012. Price data from recent options and futures indicate a 25% chance the U.S. average pump price of regular gasoline could exceed $4 in June, according to EIA.

"Where do I buy Bi-Tron?"

Simply go to http://freegas.bitronglobal.com  or visit my Natureline website http://glengarry.naturelinesolutions.com We ship directly to your door. Direct your customers or interested friends and family members to the Shop or Buy Now links on our website:

http://glengarry.bitronglobal.com  or http://freegas.naturelinesolutions.com .

"Can I ship Bi-Tron to countries outside of US, Canada and Australia?"

Yes! Bi-Tron can now be shipped to most places worldwide.

You or your personal contacts may sign up for a wholesale Natureline account and purchase any products at wholesale prices for personal use only. Members in countries where Natureline does not have a physical presence may NOT re-sell products purchased and delivered to them directly. They may refer new members who then sign up for a new Natureline wholesale account and then buy product for personal use through their own account. Any referral bonuses generated by the product purchases will be paid to any referrer via PayPal or wire transfer.

Send contacts who wish to sign up for a wholesale Natureline account to http://freegas.bitronglobal.com     and instruct them to click on become a distributor.    

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