Friday, 8 July 2011

The Price for Success

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The Price for Success

Great to see the spirited discussion and response to the last post on finding a way. And I really appreciate that many of you share this blog around on social media.  That last topic leads us to the next one…
Paying the price. 

There are a lot of people who want to sell you stuff.  And some of them feel the easiest way is telling you what you want to hear.  Selling you automated systems, lead programs, do it all from home in your bunny slippers, and assorted “build your downline for you” bullshit.

It sure would be nice if it were that easy.  But it’s not.

The people who sell all that stuff make their money mining the miners.  You need to take your advice from people that actually cash bonus checks.  And those people work.

If you want to have real duplication, create success, and help your people become successful, it’s going to take work.   And also throw in belief, investment, tenacity, and guts.

Work, because you’re going to need to go to presentations, travel to support long distance lines and attend some training events.  Service retail customers.  Follow up with prospects and counsel with your team members.  And you’re going to need to do all this work, after you finish work each day.

Belief, because you’re going to face some rejection, dropouts, and skeptics.  You live in a crazy world with lots of crazy people in it.  Ninety percent are in jobs they don’t like or actually hate, yet because it’s all they know, they ridicule anyone who isn’t a cog in the collective like them.

Investment, because any business requires it.  And you’d be an idiot to think you don’t need to invest in this one.  Buying a distributor kit and your first product order gets you in the door. That’s when the real investment just begins…

Marketing materials.  Product autoship.  Self-development materials.  Event tickets and travel.  A website.  Phone bills, fuel for your car and postage.  But if you’re not willing to invest in you, it’s probably a bad investment for anyone else.  And remember this:

The only thing that costs more than your dream – is the cost of not having one.

Tenacity, because you’re not going to make it in a couple months.  Success in Network Marketing is a two- to five-year plan.  Yeah I know you want it to be faster.  So do I.  But how long would it take you to be free in your day job?  For most or you (and your prospects), you could work 40 or 50 years in that, and still retire broke.

And finally, you’re going to need…

Guts. Because success isn’t for the timid.  You’re surrounded by people who want to give you permission to stay where you are.  And many will feel threatened when you start to move up.  And for every person with the guts to become great, there are dozens who will try to drag you back into mediocrity.

These people want you to drive a brokemobile, order pizza based on who you have a 50 cents off coupon from, and watch five hours of mindless sitcoms a night just like they do.  It takes guts to break out of the Matrix.  But look at the alternative.

I thanked you earlier for your efforts sharing the last post.  I hope you’ll really go nuts sharing this one.  Because it’s really, really important.  Then bookmark it, print it out and stick it in your planner.   

Read it whenever you need a reminder.

Success never goes on sale.  Be willing to pay the market price.


Note by Alex W Fraser
What ever you are doing, requires Maintenance. Maintenance requires discipline. Discipline requires a Mindset of Comittment. Daily affirmation // Declaration of that commitment will see you grow in the direction of your dream of intention.