Friday, 13 May 2011

10 Amazing ......

This evening 5/12/11, Todd Falcone had a webinar on some highlights of the NO EXCUSES 2 event that was held recently

this webinar was title     10 AMAZING TAKE AWAYS

The beauty of these items is that they can be applied  to any aspect of your journey in life.

1  Mega producers attend events       Success leaves clues

2  People are starved for Authenticity        Be You Be Real

3  The NET is here to stay      Supply and Demand

4  Success comes in all shapes and sizes     There is hope for all

5  Victory Never Comes First     Where do you come from !     there his nothing like HOPE & Possibility

6  Get Help wherever & whenever you can       Valuing your time

7  Traditional "Old School' Marketers  Still have the biggest MLM cheques        Blend the online with the traditional marketing

8   You can ALWAYS learn new things     If you want to  ……  Be up to the task      get prepared

9  People flock to underdogs           go through the journey        The POWER of The STORY   Triumph over tribulations

10  You Can accomplish AMAZING THINGS when you face your Fears      1 step at a time


take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC

Friday, 6 May 2011

How Black is your crankcase oil?

I have been using the excellent Bitron products   in my 1997 1/2 ton GMC 4.3 litre truck since June 1, 1999, for over 168,190.3 Kms or 104277.99 miles

I just recently checked the tire pressure in my 4 tires, they were constant at 32 lbs pressure. they have stayed that way for at least the previous 6 to 8 months, if not longer. TSS Video

I also just checked my oil and its colour was still a medium to dark honey brown, not yet black.  I changed my oil last on April 13, 2010 at mileage reading of  202138 KMS and today, 5/6/11 the mileage reading is 205,69030. So I have gone 3552.3 Km or 2202.43 miles.

Amazing Product Demonstration Engine treatment test
These are 2 of the benifits I have gotten from using the bitron products on a consistent & regular basis,


Cleaner longer last oil from using the Bitron engine treatment

constant tire air pressure from the Bitron TSS -- Tire Safety solution

resulting in both of these cases from much reduced wear and tear of both the engine and tires.

This past year, in April 2010, after my oil change,  in order to get the maximum protection I put in 2 - 8 oz bottles of the engine treatment in my crankcase oil.

Interested, more info go to above web site and or contact Alex  1-866-338-6334 or leave comment with full contact info