Saturday, 12 March 2011

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #8



A contest on facebook is a great way to get more fans for your page.  
The more fans you have, the more people you can get your message in 
front of.  

Think of a great prize you can give people who enter your contest.  
It can be something like an electronic item, a package of your 
product or service or anything of value.  Make sure that the people 
who are already your fans as well as those who will see the contest 
and may become your fans will really love this prize.  

Make the prize consistent with the entry.  For example, if you are 
asking people to submit a video, audio or essay in exchange for a 
free report, chances are not many people will enter your contest.  
Be careful not to make it too easy to are 
building a list of qualified people, not just people.  Think of 
something that will make your contest entrants qualified.  For 
example...have them make a video, audio or essay telling you what 
they would do if money were not an issue (their why) in exchange 
for $200 worth of your product or service.  This way you get people 
who already have a strong why flooding into your contest.  

There are many different apps you can use to run a contest on 
facebook.  Unfortunately, unless you spend $10,000/mo in advertising 
on facebook, you can not make "liking" your page a condition of entry.  
You can, however, capture email addresses and send follow up messages 
suggesting they like your page.  

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #9 will be on its way shortly.


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