Monday, 7 March 2011

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #6

Hello Alex,

Facebook Ads Part 2.

As this writing, all Facebook ads must have an image. 

Before you choose your image, look at other ads that are running. 
See what types of images would catch the eye of your target market.  

You do not have to use a photo. 

==> This image can be created using text. This will allow you more 
words in your ad. 

However, the words in your image are not "search engine friendly" 
as they show up as an image.

Think of your image as your "headline" for one important reason:

If the Facebook user doesn't notice your image - they won't ever 
click on your ad. Make your image and eye-grabber.

Ads are limited to 25 characters in the title and 135 characters plus 
an image for the body. 

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #7 will be on its way shortly.


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