Sunday, 6 March 2011

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #5

Hello Alex,

Facebook Ads Part 1.

There is one major difference at this time between Google ads and 
Facebook ads.  

Facebook ads are reviewed by an actual person. Be cautious when 
writing your ads. Some of the rules are:

   *  No Using ALL CAPS
   *  No abbreviations or symbols
   *  No false or misleading claims
   *  No hype
   *  No incorrect spelling, grammar or slang
   *  No incomplete thoughts
   *  No use of irrelevant images
   *  No offensive ads

For example, if you say "free" in your ad, but the offer you link to 
is "free plus shipping", that is misleading and will most likely 
either not get approved or get removed if/when someone reports it.  

Facebook allows users to remove ads and then tell Facebook why they 
don't like the ad. If someone marks your ad offensive, repetitive, 
or any of the things listed above, it will be removed.  

Good ad copy, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Know 
your audience and know what they want.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #6 will be on its way shortly.


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