Friday, 4 March 2011

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #4

Hello Alex,

Facebook has many widgets and applications available for 
your fan/like page.

One interesting application is FBML. FBML is a special language 
that your web designer can use to make your page stand out from 
all of the generic, standard pages. 

Just like you can personalize a website, you can now personalize 
your fan page. At this time, there is no editor for FBML like there 
is for building an HTML website.  If you do not know FBML, you 
will need to either take the time to learn it or hire someone to do 
it for you.  

Hire someone???

It won't be expensive. You can locate a pro on eLance or Rent-A-Coder 
to do it quickly for less than $50. They can set up your basic template 
ready for you to put in your content.

Need help finding someone to do it? Just email 
for help.

You want to have a page customized to your business. You want 
to stand out from the crowd. 

Here is your chance to put your personality in front of your best 
prospects - and you can control your look.

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #5 will be on its way shortly.


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