Thursday, 3 March 2011

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #3

Hello Alex,

Almost half of Facebook's users report signing in at least
once per day. You should update your status and give
your readers great content on a regular basis.

This way, you stay on their minds. 

Very few people will come to your page to see what you
are up to. Vary your posting times to get your status updates
in front of the most people.

Those who have "liked" your page will see your updates
in their news feed when they log in. Give them a compelling
reason to visit your page and/or interact with you. 

Want more activity and popularity?

Ask questions that your readers will be likely to respond to. 

Whenever someone who likes your page comments, all
of their friends see that they commented on your page
and can click a link to see the conversation.

They, however, will also need to like your page if they want
to join the conversation :)

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #4 will be on its
way shortly.


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