Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #2

Hello Alex,

Setting up Your Fan/Like Page.

Be sure you choose the proper category for your page. 
Different tabs are available based on your category.  

Choose wisely. This can not be changed later!  

The correct category will help others find you in 
Facebook's page directory.

After you have 25 people who "like" your page, you can 
get a vanity URL linking to your page.  

Once you reach 100 people who like your page, you can't 
change the name of your Fan Page.  Think of it this way...

If people "like" a page titled BLUE and all of a sudden, it's 
name changes to PINK, quite a few of them may not be
happy. This rule is in place to prevent "bait and switch".  

Choose your Fan Page name wisely :)

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Lesson #3 will be on its 
way shortly.


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