Thursday, 28 October 2010

Read any good books lately

Read any good books lately

Books Alex W Fraser Read between Jan. - Oct.2010 including, audios & videos

October 2010
Stepping Stones to Success --Experts included are Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Casey Eberhart, Dr Denis Waitley, share strategies for mastering Business, life, relationships 2009 ISBN 978 1-60013-499-9 $19.95, 160 pages
The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra, -- Unlocking the hidden dimensions of your life, 2004, ISBN 0-517-70624-5, 270 pages,
Little Black Book of Scripts, CD booklet, by Todd Falcone, 2007

Conquering the Internet DVD 55 minutes

September 2010
Street Smart Networking, A no nonsense guide for creating the most richly rewarding lifestyle you can possible imagine, by Robert Butwin, 1994, about 200 pages, ISBN 0-9634259-5-1 $12.95
Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul, by Jack Canfield & Mark Hansen, 180 pages
Dynamic Divas of Networking, 8 CD about 8.5 hours, 8 networking ladies interviewed by Todd Falcone, done twice $99.00US more info at
Winning the Greatest Game of All, A step by step program for becoming successful in Network Marketing by Randy Ward, SC, 1984, ISBN 0-9613958-1-8, 160 pages,
Ask and it is Given, learning to manifest the Law of Attraction, The teachings of Abraham, SC, by Esther & Jerry Hicks, ISBN 978-1-4019-0459-3, 315 pages,

August to Jan 2010
What Matters Most 5 CD set by Todd Falcone
Natureline 2 day training, July 10, Richmond BC
Star Trek, Federation, The epic story that spans the generations, 1994, HC, by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, ISBN 0-671-89422-6, 470 pages,
Star Trek, Probe, by Margaret Wander Bonanno, HC, 1992, 250 pages, ISBN none
The Diary of Mrs. John Graves Simcoe, wife of the First Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Upper Canada 1792-96, Notes and a biography by J. Ross Robertson, 2001, ISBN 1-55267-183-6, HC, about 470 pages,
Star Trek, legends never die the Return, a novel by William Shatner, HC, 1996, ISBN 0-671-52610-3, 370 pages,
The Mozart effect, Tapping the power of music to heal the body, streghten the mind, and unlock the creative spirit, by Don Campbell, 2001, SC, ISBN 0-06-093720-3, 250 pages,
Healthy for Life, developing healthy lifestyles that have a side effect of permanent fat loss, by Ray D Stand, MD, SC, 2004, ISBN 0-9747308-4-X, about 350 pages
The Science of the Spoken Word, by Mark L & Elizabeth Clair Prophet, SC, about 230 pages,
Glencoe and the Indians, A real life family saga which spans two continents, several centuries and more than thirty generations to link Scotland’s clans with the native peoples of the American West. by James Hunter, 2006, SC, 225 pages, illustrated, ISBN 1-84018-001-3 $26.95

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