Thursday, 21 October 2010

Integrating Thinking

Received this in a recent e mail from 'The Wildcat SEO Master'

The Mass of Men Lead Lives of Quiet Desperation

In his timely and inspirational book, Henry David Thoreau saw more in life, than is usually perceived. He knew that most people suffer from the bitter and resentful attitudes, beliefs and generational implanting that leads to non-productive and self-destructive habits and thinking. After all, what we think, is what we become. You might ask yourself, as you read this article about work at home, how does this apply? I feel that this amply describes the essence of building a successful work at home business.

In a conversation just this morning with Tom Prendergast, we spoke of Specialized Thinking VS Integrating Thinking.

Specialized Thinking

Specialized thinking would be termed as the conventional wisdom of finding a job, staying with that job for an unlimited amount of time until the person is weary and worn from the struggle, and either dies, or retires. Millions approach life on these terms, and find the most amazingly non-productive existences on this planet today. They simply work, work and work more, but really get nowhere, and do nothing. Creativity is out the door in this type of thinking, and the boss or the corporation holds the final power in anything they do. Specialized thinking leads to somewhat productivity, as our entire economic system is based on this performance mentality. We are taught from a very early age, by people who are stuck in the box so to speak, to live in this manner. There are benefits in this thinking, as there are benefits in a beehive that hold mostly worker bees. These bees run the mundane tasks of creating comfort and security for their queen bee.

Specialized thinking in the work at home industry are common as well. You join a business, then are told to gather a named lists of friends, family and co-workers, and your sponsor will call the people, and close the sale. This type of thinking inside the box, or once again, specialized thinking, is not the way that business is currently done on the Internet. It is a fact that the MLM and networking marketing industry are still stuck in the specialized thinking realm. Its important to note today, that there is simply a better way to approach the process of building a viable work at home business on the Internet.

Integrated Thinking

This new way, or paradigm shift, in the way that a work at home business is working in today's world is unconventional, yet highly effective. The process of educational marketing, and SEO Social Marketing makes perfect, and badly needed sense. The approach that everyone uses, and has used millions of times in the past, simply do not work today. In other words, if a person is stuck in the box, and is not willing to re-think, re-strategize and re-plan their work at home business model, they are simply doomed to fail like the other 95% of people in the business world today. Changing trends in the economy, as well as on the Internet, are forcing people to come out of that box, or simply be left behind. Integrated thinking, when applied to any work at home business, means a total shift in the approach of marketing and making sales to others who are needing to build a business. The old ways of convincing, coercing and selling are dead. The new shift is educational marketing, and quite frankly, its high time in the coming.

If you, or someone you know, is leading a life of quiet desperation, know this one thing. There is a solution to the problem, but until you decide to become proactive in your approach to working at home, you will never see the type of success that you are wanting to have.

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