Friday, 17 September 2010

Dynamic Divas of Networking


Just finishing up a back to back training session amounting to about 17 hours with a couple of my Natureline Downline over the past 2.5 weeks. In this training we went through the Todd Falcone 8 CD series of the dynamic divas of networking.Each CD is a good hour long. Each lady provided a very powerful, potent outline of what they did to accomplish their successful journey.

The following is from the CD dust jacket

Candid. Open. Entertaining. Educating.

In this first volume of the “Dynamic Divas of Networking", Todd Falcone interviews eight women who share their insights and tips for mastering success.

Recorded in a casual and inviting atmosphere, you'll hear from women of varied backgrounds as they candidly share their experiences and philosophies that have led them to success.

Artemis Limpert is a highly successful entrepreneur, who has the unique ability to speak straight to the heart and has helped many move forward in both their personal and business lives.

With over a decade of success in the network marketing industry, Karen Hill consistently displays the confidence and courage to rise to the top! Listen to her discuss the three "Cs" to putting your business on the fast track to success!

Sandra Maggio started her career in network marketing in 1990. Since then, she has risen to the top 1% of all earners in our industry. Sandra loves the concept of helping people and her success over the past decade certainly shows her commitment to helping people escape financial bondage.

Kathleen Deoul is a former senior executive with EXXON. She left the company to found a successful office suite business and then entered network marketing, quickly rising to the top of her company, She is a sought-after speaker who lectures on wellness and network marketing.

Pam Sowder went from being a stay at home mom to one of network marketing's top earners. She is now one of owners of a highly successful network marketing company and devotes her time to teaching the principles that led her to success.

Randi Shannon went from being a relatively introverted, shy business owner to incredibly marketer in iust a few short years with several thousand distributors in her organization.

Karen Johnson has risen to the top of several Fortune 500 companies, yet over half of her career has been spent in the profession of Network marketing. Shes was a leading consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics in the mid 1980’s, and twice has risen to the top of one of the world’s leading network marking giants.

Carla Schroeder has been a student of networking for over a decade, In fact, when it cames to commitment, Carla’s work ethic defines the word in every sense. In this series, Carla shares how she went from making an average income in her home business to an extraordinary income in just a few years.

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