Wednesday, 25 November 2009

What is your vision! What is your part?

Natureline Opportunity

Natureline update 11/25/9

What is your vision! What is your part?

this is an update of the Natureline conference call of Nov 24/09 5 pm pst

New audio with Mark Wright Natureline Opportunity 15.20 minutes
go to this link

Natureline guest speaker Robert Butwin Robert Butwin has twice been honored for his industry contributions by being named Networker of the year from the MLMIA.
Robert is a natural coach and author of the book Street Smart Networking, first published in 1994 to share his success secrets with others. Street Smart Networking is a no-nonsense guide on how you can live the most richly rewarding lifestyle you can possibly imagine.

Street Smart Networking some reviews of this book

Robert Butwin uses the Bitron automotive products in his mercedes benz and loves the results, works great, saying Bitron extends the life, length of use of fuel, also the life of a vehicle & equipment.

What part are you playing in Bitron/Natureline Solutions journey to A BILLION DOLLAR company? What is your vision in playing this part!

The 5 traits necessary
Be a product of the product user, tell your story
Belief in MLM, educate yourself..... You simply do not know it all yet
Belief in the Company
Belief in Yourself, your potential
Belief in other people to assist them in growing and becoming Financially Free

Also new tool coming to the Natureline back office. Next conference call Tuesday Dec 1/09 5 pm pst Tel # 212-990-8000 pin code 111123 & # key

A wise decision would be to schedule time to Be on the call and learn more and be come part of the builders of this journey to a Billion Dollar Company.

Take care and God Bless

Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC 1-866-338-6334
WELLNESS IS AN IMPORTANT KEY for the Body, Mind, Spirit, Home & Vehicle.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Natureline Special Call Invitation

Mark Your Calendars


Invitation Get on this call Tuesday and get everyone on your team on this call!!!!!!!!

Dear Team

This next Tuesday, November 24th. there will be a special call for all Natureline Distributors from the Natureline Home Office.

The call will be discussing the new additions that are being implemented by Home Office to assist us in building our business. The subjects to be discussed are:

* Natureline Back Office upgrades
* Preferred Customer Program
* Telephone Prospecting System
* Online Prospecting System
* Printable Documents and Brochures

These are important additions to assist each of us in building our business with Natureline at a faster pace.

Please forward this information to ALL of your team members and make sure they are on the call.

Please note this is a new conference call number.
Dial in Tuesday Nov 24/09 at 5pm PST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST at the NEW number 212-990-8000 - Access Code: 111123# - To mute yourself in and out of call hit the number 6.

take care and god bless
Alex Fraser
Courtenay, BC
Wellness is an important key for Body, Mind, Spirit, home and vehicle.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Naturefx Skin & Hair Care Products

Natureline Solutions Launches Naturefx Skin & Hair Care Products

This research lead Natureline to every corner of the globe and eventually we found naturally derived (botanically based) anti aging and hair care solutions developed from the deepest recesses of the African subcontinent. Working with world renowned pharmacists and master product formulators, the father and son team of Lou and Darryl Segal, we developed the NatureFx line of anti aging skin and hair care. »

Naturefx Skin Care Products products »
Purifying Cleanser
Ageless Serum
Daytime Moisturizer
Nigh Renewal Cream
Glacial Clay Masque
Eye Cream
Hydrating Mist
Lip Plumper

Naturefx Hair Care Products »
Hair & Scalp Vitalizer
Early Bird special, » save up to $150.00 special ends Midnight pst Nov 11/09 then goes to regular price.

Who can benefit ---Hair & Beauty Solons, Men & Women young & old who desire to look their best,
Check out the web sites

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Star'ceptor#4 Oct-Nov09 newsletter

Click on this link to download this Star'ceptor#4 issue

Our latest Star'ceptor#4 Oct-Nov09 newsletter for your review which includes brief outline on the new products & web site URL for more info

Table of Contents; Wellness is Important; Abundance Mentality; The Runway of Life; p.1; The Ten Gifts; Is it time to re-order; Bitron Marketing System; p.2; Little Black Book of Connections;
Natureworks Biodegradable Cleaning Product line
; p.3; The New Natureline Naturefx Skincare & Haircare all natural organic products p.5; Think about this p.8

Click on this link to download this Star'ceptor#4 issue

Wellness In An Important Key for Body, Mind, Spirt, Home & Vehicles.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

A new Natureline product brand announced on Monday

Join us on Monday Oct 9th 5 pm pst for what can only be described as an "Incredible New Direction" conference call .

We are introducing you to
a brand new line of Natureline Solutions products joining the Bi-Tron and Natureworks product lines!
Do not miss this extraordinary call as it will take you on a journey that starts in Africa and goes to places like the glaciers of Northern British Columbia.

Introducing a new brand & more new products than you can count on two hands!

Phone in Monday in North America, Tuesday in Australia, and find out more about the new Natureline brand:
Dial in number: 605-475-6900 PIN: 111123#
North America: 5pm PST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST
Australia: 10am QLD, 11am AEDST, 8am WST (long distance charges apply)

Invite anyone who you know is interested in Natureline and be sure your group is attending.
See you on the call.

Your Natureline Support Team, 1.877.824.8766

Go to your cupboard right now. Pick a cleaner, any cleaner. Does it contain sodium hydroxide, phenol, ammonia or formaldehyde? These–and more–may be toxic. Toxic as in dangerous, as in hurtful, as in not very clean at all. Switch to Natureworks Cleaners and not only become healthier and help the environment but save money as well! Find out more at your Natureline website.
Source: 1.866.338.6334
Cleaning can be a chore, but dangerous chemicals and toxins can make it dangerous and a long term health concern. What’s even worse is that you are putting your family at risk as well! That's ...