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Star'ceptors #1 June 09

This issue is downloadable in pdf format Star'ceptors #1 June 09 Photos in this issue are included in the download.

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So what Do You Desire! What Are You Asking For?

Table of Contents;; Think about this,--The Ant; Questions are the answers, What are you Asking For?, Rejection p.1; The Qualities of Life Statement p.2; A Challenge for Expanding your Imagination, Over The Top, What Where p.3; Changing your Oil p.4; Two Wolves- The one I feed p.5; Bitron & Racing p.6;

Think About This

Never Give Up
"Ever feel like giving up? Try remembering the American airman in a Vietnam prison cell who was on the verge of suicide, when he noticed an ant carrying a massive crumb of bread climbing the wall opposite him, intent upon getting out a window. Time and again the ant would fall back to the floor, recover the crumb and set out once more on his impossible mission. Momentarily distracted, the distraught prisoner began counting the tiny insect's attempts. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty… and on and on. Suddenly, he found himself silently cheering on this tiny creature. On the 69th attempt, the persevering ant, with his prize in tow, cleared the window ledge and escaped.

Inspired by the fortitude of this tiniest of creatures, the prisoner dispelled his thoughts of suicide and persevered. The moral of the story is simple… Never give up. Never, ever give up." [from a ytb e mail]

Rejection; a way to grant numerous wishes.

Qualities of Life Statement

STEP #1 For thirty days first thing in the morning, last thing at night, by yourself, in front of a mirror, stand up straight, square your shoulders, look yourself in the eye, and quietly, firmly say in the first person present tense.

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Download in pdf format Star'ceptors #1 June 09 Photos in this issue are included in the download.

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